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Acetone is one of the most widely used industrial solvents and is increasingly used as chemical intermediate. Acetone is low in toxicity and is a natural product of our bodyâs metabolism. Acetone is widely used in industry as a solvent for numerous organic substances and is a component of most paint and varnish removers. The Acetone also called as propanone is an effective solvent and can be mixed with water as well as many other chemicals for producing other chemicals also.

Which industries use this chemical and how?

Industries Applications
Acrylic Fiber Manufacture Solvent - Acrylic Fibre
Adhesives Manufacture Carpet adhesive solvents
Electroplating Cold-cleaning & vapor Degreasing Solvent
Laboratory Chemicals Solvents - Dilution and Extraction
Machinery Mfg and Repair Solvents - Machinery Manufacture and Repair
Paint Manufacture Solvents, Not Elsewhere Classified
Paint Stripping Solvents - Paint Stripping
Pesticide Mfg (Insecticides) Solvents - Insecticide Manufacture
Pharmaceuticals Mfg Solvents
Polystyrene Manufacture Solvents - Polystyrene Production
Printing Solvents for Equipment Cleaning
Rubber Manufacture Solvents - Rubber Manufacture
SBR Latex Production Solvents - SBR
Semiconductors Cleaning - Semiconductors
Wood Stains and Varnishes Varnish Solvents