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Toluene is an aromatic chemical produced by petroleum refineries. Steel plants produce toluene from the by-product recovery plant where aromatics are recovered from the coke oven gas. Toluene is used for production of various petrochemicals.

Applications :
  • Adhesives manufacture - as carpet adhesive solvents
  • Electroplating-as cold cleaning solvent and vapor degreasing solvent
  • Laboratory chemicals - as a solvent for dilution and extraction
  • Machinery manufacturing and repair - as a solvent
  • Metal degreasing - as a solvent
  • Paint manufacture - hydrocarbon solvents
  • Paint stripping - as a solvent
  • Paper coating - insecticide manufacture solvent
  • Pharmaceutical manufacture - as a solvent
  • Printing - as a solvent for flexography and gravure printing
  • Rubber manufacture - as a solvent
  • Wood strains and varnishes - as a solvent